Nepal’s first digital archive that documents music-related research papers and catalogues; and digitises analog musical content. NMA builds a musical consortium of music-related resources by connecting to various libraries (personal and public), universities, archives and institutions; make the portal accessible to not only Nepali students, musicians and music enthusiasts, but also to a global audience.


Appeal Paudel

Appeal is an aspiring musician exploring his songwriting skills through eastern classical vocals and a variety of stringed instruments including sarod, guitar, and sarangi. He is presently studying Ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University.

Binit Shrestha

Binit is a student of ethnomusicology currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree from Kathmandu University. Despite his love for sound, he is currently exploring the rhythmic world of drums and tabla.

Chakshita Rana Pathak

Chakshita is a creative enthusiast, a self exploring creative practitioner experimenting in varying forms of visual and sensory creative practices whether it be art, writing, music, history or other varying mediums. She is always eager to learn, explore, improvise, experience and expand her creative practice and learning boundaries whilst also widening her knowledge and visualisation. Her explorations and learnings are not only limited to happenings of the creative world but also life as a whole.

Jiwan Thapa Magar
Asset Manager/Researcher

Jiwan is a Letang born, faith-based singer, songwriter and musician. He  is currently based in Kathmandu and has worked in various music projects as a music arranger and session guitarist. An ethnomusicology graduate from Kathmandu University Department of Music, he is a multi-ethnic music culture enthusiast. 

Rajan Shrestha
Executive Director

Rajan is a Kathmandu based inter-disciplinary artist working primarily with music and produces music under the moniker of phatcowlee. One of the founding members of Fuzzscape, a platform for cultural documentation with focus on music, archival and storytelling through audio-visual medium, Rajan is an ethnomusicology scholar.

Rojina Tamang

Rojina is a recent highschool graduate currently working as an assistant at Nepal Music Archive. Currently, She is enrolled in Bachelors in Computer Science. She is interested in learning and implementing design and arts in her self practices.